Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Professionalism, Dedication and Patience for our clients!

A few years ago, I had prospective buyers that called me from Zillow. They were interested in a specific property and did not want to see anything else. I met with the clients, showed them the property and waited about 2 weeks before I was able to meet with them again. I kept in touch through text and email, sent them a few other properties to approve for viewing and arranged showings for the upcoming weekend. They were not ready to commit to a Realtor so they started visiting homes through open houses and even put in a few offers that they were unsuccessful. The buyers were on a different page as far as location and property specifics. We started out looking in the Bethpage and Plainview area and then moved to Huntington Station and South Huntington area followed by Lynbrook and Hicksville. After a month of going around on their own, they agreed to come to my office to devise a plan to move forward. I met with them, advised them to get pre-approved right away. We ascertained that their time frame was within 3-6 months. They signed up with us that day and the journey began. Although their time frame, location and priorities changed due personal circumstances out of their control, our commitment remained consistent. We worked for the buyers, sharpened our listening skills and remained patient throughout their contract period. A home was located in Eastern Suffolk that met the buyers needs as far as condition, property characteristics, price and location. These buyers have shared their Real Estate experience with Stonington Realty among their network of friends and family. We have been blessed with a significant stream of buyer and seller referrals that remain apart of our current testimonials. I am still working with clients that can be traced back to them. This is why I love what I do. From my experience, it is only through a commitment on both sides that success is found. Professionalism, Dedication and Patience is needed in real estate. Not every buyer is ready to buy within a week of meeting with you. Taking the time to earn your clients trust and focusing on their needs also enhances your value in this market.